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Note foil bags of chemical oxidation

Jul 24, 2015

Vacuum bags are usually packaged for change and the nature of the odor. This oxidation is generally carried out by way of auto-oxidation, oil vacuum bags exposure may spontaneously oxidized in air. That is to initiate, convey and terminate the chain reaction manner in three stages. Once the reaction started. He has to go to oxygen depletion. Or Radical with binding until the occurrence of a stable compound. Even antioxidant did not prevent oxidation, can only delay the induction period of the reaction and reduce the reaction rate

Fatty oils can be formed when the auto-oxidation of hydrogen peroxide. Very unstable. It will break even at low temperatures and disproportionation reaction, anti-static vacuum bag storage. The formation of different carbon-based compounds, hydroxy compounds and short-chain fatty acids. Some of these components may further oxidation reaction, such as an aldehyde can be further oxidized to the corresponding acid. Fat oxidation decomposition products, in addition to aldehydes and acids, also found that alcohols, ketones, vinegar, vinegar and aromatic and aliphatic compounds. These decomposition products have obvious bad smell, even very low levels of lipid will produce odor, thereby reducing the value of plant foods.