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Significant Vacuum-known Major Features

Jul 24, 2015

Currently the use of the vacuum bag is extremely broad, especially in food production which, you know there is a vacuum bag which features several notable it? It is because of the vacuum bag compared to other notable features include it created its wide application in the packaging sector, its notable features include:

1, high barrier: the use of different plastics materials related to different barrier properties, co-extruded film, to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor barrier effect.

2, powerful: oil, resistant to moisture, resistant to 120 degrees Celsius temperature cooking, low temperature refrigeration, durability, preservation, security smell, can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging.

3, structural design flexibility: different design, you can meet your needs for different shelf life.

Advantages of vacuum packaging products to meet the needs of people living among packaging, Baoding Huayang conform packaging market development, build quality and cheap vacuum. Vacuum: The material is generally NY (PA) / CPE or PET / NY (PA) /. This product has anti-static function, the vacuum effect is good, high transparency, permeability (oxygen) gas is low, moisture resistance, high tensile strength and puncture strength, easy to seal, sealing, and not aging characteristics. Mainly used for metal, electronic components, there is a need vacuum packaging requirements. Sizes, specifications, temperature resistance and so can be customized on request.